The 5 Daily Attitudes that Will Transform you into a Superhuman.

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Some of us believe that Heaven is a place in the sky filled with joy and laughter, while hell is a place below the earth full of agony and sorrow, and oh burning flames. However, I did find a narrative that makes sense to me. An author describes Heaven as an expansion of consciousness, while hell is a limitation of consciousness. I’m not here to debate these definitions, but I’m here to talk about how these five attitudes have taken me from a self-imposed hell to a place of joy, laughter, and abundance by merely choosing to expand my consciousness.

These five attitudes, when meditated on daily, will help heal and soothe your soul. They will bring what’s important into perspective and fill your heart with gratitude. They will bring you understanding and clarity and help you make better decisions. They will bring you peace, courage, and assurance of attaining any goal you set out for yourself. These attitudes are not about what to do but how to be, how to act and how to think. When practiced daily, they will, without a doubt, transform your life as they have mine.

I am open and receptive to the inflow and outpouring of all there is in GOD.

My definition of truth is anything that can uplift humanity and help everyone become better versions of themselves. Given that definition, we should always be open and receptive to new ideas and experiences that are truthful; we live in hell by limiting ourselves and our world around us when we are closed off to truths that don’t match our learned values. Before we can be open and receptive to truths, we must first renew our minds by getting rid of pride and selfishness. If you say to yourself, I’m not prideful or selfish like I once did, then ask yourself, are your truths and beliefs beneficial to all of humanity? Open yourself and receive all the Universe has to offer, and you will be inspired and directed to contribute truthfully to the world.

I am grateful for the challenges that lead me beyond my extremity to GOD’s opportunity.

There are two ways every human being learns; the first is being humble and asking the Universe for direction before starting a journey. The second is being proud and asking the Universe for guidance after years of countless wrong turns, losses, failures, and a broken self. I’m not going to pretend and say problems are a good thing, but they are typically an indicator that we are heading in the wrong direction, but in these times, we discover who we indeed are.

I am in tune with the Universe — that which is Inspired and Directed by the Universe will prevail.

Roland Hayes, the great tenor, was once asked why he always paused for a moment and closed his eyes to pray before every performance. His answer was, “I get quiet and receptive and ask GOD to blot out Roland Hayes, that the people may hear only his voice.” We have to realize that though it’s our responsibility to nurture our talents, yet GOD is the source of everything great within us. This attitude of being in tune and surrendering control to the Universe will ensure that we will achieve anything we set your sights on.

I seek with all my heart and mind, and I will find.

Seeking consists of 3 things; the first is belief; you must believe whatever you are asking for is attainable. You must rid your mindset of lack and understand that the Universe is exceptionally generous and will give you anything you ask for good and or evil. The second is asking; asking is not limited to words, but also includes your thought. No matter how many prayers and affirmations you recite, if your most dominant thought is contrary to your prayers, you will not receive. The third is action; beliefs and asking alone will not get you where you want to be. We are responsible for our dreams and must take action to achieve those dreams. There is always a required action with every achievement, and we must understand what these actions are and execute them to our best efforts.

I keep my thoughts centered on only those things I want to see manifest in my life.

If you pay attention to the daily news, I’m sure it’s challenging to maintain a healthy view of the world. One thing you have to understand is that nothing is new under the sun. A variation of what’s happening now has also occurred in the past. We have the power to change our world around us by simply changing how we see the world. We have to decide what type of world we want to live in and be part of. If we want love to prevail, then we must think love and act lovingly. If we want peace to reign, then we must think peace and act peacefully. If we want tolerance to be the norm, then we must think acceptance without judgment and act tolerably. Remember, you don’t fight darkness with more darkness, you shine the light to get rid of the dark. We must understand that we have the power to change our world around us when we change our world within.

In conclusion, it’s the right attitude that makes and sustain good relationships and good health; it’s the right attitude that brings success and wealth; it is the right attitude that enables a person to overcome addictions and bad habits. No matter what your need is, maintaining the right attitude is the key, and you must not only desire it like lungs desire air.

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