The Superpower that Brings Our Dreams to Fruition.

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Once upon a time, the whole earth had one language and one speech, and man found and settled on a plain in the land of Shinar, in ancient Babylon.

They said to one another, ‘’ Using bricks for stone and asphalt for mortar, they said, let us build ourselves a city and a tower whose top is in the heavens.

Then God came down to see what man was up to and said, ‘

The 3 Steps that set me on the path to success

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In 2011, I watched my entire world crumble around me.

My business folded, and as the money dried up, I had to get rid of my home and luxury cars. The woman I was deeply in love with also left me because she found out about my infidelities.

I was fighting battles on all fronts and frantically trying to hold everything I cared for and had built up to that point but to no avail. I was living proof of the phrase ‘when it rains, it pours.’ and it was pouring fire and brimstone.

A Simple Guide to Becoming a More Conscious Parent.

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Nothing makes my blood boil, evokes sympathy, and puts a smile on my face, like the sight of a parent trying to shush an unruly disrespectful little child in public. My blood boils because I grew up in Nigeria, where respect for your elders was damn near drilled into you before you were born. Some babies came out of the womb saying good morning aunty to the nurses and doctors before prostrating to their parents, but I digress. The sympathy I feel is for the parent(s) because they know not what they do. …

We are all looking for connection and want to be understood, so why all the B.. S…?

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Last week, a friend of mine posted a screenshot of a tweeter conversation to our WhatsApp group. The conversation played out this way, the author of the post tweeted, ‘,’ and a random person replied with ‘’. This message cracked me up so much that I spilled water all over myself. …

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I wrote and posted an article on Facebook titled ‘Onward and Upward’ on how African Americans can move forward in these times by being strategic and focus on what they can do to be in better control of their lives and communities. For this, I received some not too flattering comments and messages from some readers. I have grouped these comments and messages into two categories that I believe are common misconceptions about racism when being discussed. …

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Some of us believe that Heaven is a place in the sky filled with joy and laughter, while hell is a place below the earth full of agony and sorrow, and oh burning flames. However, I did find a narrative that makes sense to me. An author describes Heaven as an expansion of consciousness, while hell is a limitation of consciousness. I’m not here to debate these definitions, but I’m here to talk about how these five attitudes have taken me from a self-imposed hell to a place of joy, laughter, and abundance by merely choosing to expand my consciousness.

Why African Americans have to be strategic in these times.

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Imagine enslaving a group of people and subjecting them to mental and physical abuse and torture. Maiming and killing them, raping the women and young girls, and also forcing them to work in very harsh conditions for free as you accumulate wealth from their free labor.

As this goes on for decades and generations, these people find a way to persevere and grow exponentially in numbers. Then the unthinkable happens, they are now considered free citizens, and you no longer have control over them and their actions. Their new-found freedom threatens your finances and safety because of your fear of…

Uche Emeni

IT analyst by day | Seeking answers to life by night

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